Park and Go service issue

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LINCOLN, Neb. – If you have tried to pay for your parking meter by calling in and it doesn’t work, it’s not a glitch in your phone’s software.

The City of Lincoln said the issue is with the call-in service with Passport.

Last fall, Park & Go switched to a letter and number system with its meters throughout the city.

Those who tried to call in to pay couldn’t because of the glitch with the call-in service.

The problem is with trying to use the phone numbers to type letters instead of using the keyboard.

Wayne Mixdorf is the parking manager with the City of Lincoln. He said they are working with Passport to find a way to write a new code to be able to get the system back to where all three of the payment options can be used again.

There is no timetable on when the problem will be fixed. If you experience problems in the future, contact Park & Go to navigate the problem.