'Party Ranch' busted in Ponca Hills after wild for-profit parties worry neighbors

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A property dubbed "The Party Ranch" in Ponca Hills has been shut-down by Douglas County Sheriff's deputies after party buses and crowds of 500+ people overwhelmed the quiet neighborhood.

Wayne Russell, who lives a few doors down from "The Party Ranch," told our sister-station WOWT 6 News: "They were kind of destroying our neighborhood."

For the past few weeks, Wayne and his wife Ellen have worked to shut-down The Party Ranch, which is less than 1 block from an elementary school. Ellen told 6 News: "I think we got up to about 4 parties that we know about."

The Russells were shocked when they found the parties advertised on social media, including one just before Halloween. Guests were charged admission and encouraged to bring their own beer.

Neighbors tell 6 News party-goers would litter the streets with alcohol bottles and prescription pill containers. One neighbor found a woman's skirt left behind in the branches of a tree.

Ellen Russel told 6 News: "They even brought in buses and had people getting off of buses. So they were busing these people in."

Neighbors pulled out their cell phone cameras to capture video of the buses along with long lines of cars crowding onto their tiny neighborhood streets. One neighbor took a photo of an afternoon party showing bouncers at the front gate.

Neighbors claim music and noise from the parties was loud enough to rattle windows in houses 3 blocks away.

Douglas County Sheriff's Captain Wayne Hudson told 6 News: "He (the property owner) is operating a club...or a rental hall." Hudson said the owner didn't have the necessary permits to turn his property into a for-profit party pad, so on Tuesday, the Sheriff's Office sent a letter to Ponca Hills neighbors. The letter said the Party Ranch owner was told "to cease and desist."

6 News tried to interview the property owner. He declined to go on-camera. However, did say he rents out the property and was surprised by the activities reported by neighbors.

6 News is not reporting the property owner's name because he has not been charged with a crime.