Woman arrested for hit-and-run that left one seriously injured

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LINCOLN, Neb. - Lincoln Police arrested a woman who struck a pedestrian with her vehicle and fled the scene last month.

The incident took place in Sept. 13 around 8:45 a.m., when Kathryn Launer, 68, struck a visually-impaired pedestrian crossing the street near 64th and Havelock.

Authorities tracked down Launer, who was driving a gold Nissan Maxima, a few hours after the accident.

On Tuesday, she was cited and lodged in jail for leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to observe a blind person, police said.

According to a Lincoln Police accident report, multiple witnesses said they saw the pedestrian walking southbound on the east side of 64th Street across Havelock Avenue in the crosswalk.

While the victim was in the crosswalk entering the eastbound Havelock traffic lane, she was struck by Launer, according to one of the witnesses.

Both witnesses said the woman was thrown into the air and landed in the westbound lane of Havelock Avenue.

When police contacted Launer, she said she was traveling at approximately 30 MPH, and did not see anyone crossing the street.

She added that when she hit the victim, she became scared so she continued driving.

Lincoln Police said it is not uncommon for some time to pass before a citation is issued or an arrest is made in a situation like this.

LPD said it is important to find out the extent of the injuries, and to confer with the prosecutors to make sure the right citations or charges are being issued.