Dozens rally for a safer Belmont area

(Source: KOLN).
Published: Jul. 21, 2019 at 8:16 PM CDT
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On Sunday, dozens of people gathered at a local church for a community rally with a goal of promoting a safer Belmont area.

Event organizers tell 10/11 NOW, after seeing a lot of violence in the area over the last few years, this was a way to take a stand and say that isn't what the area is about and there are good people.

"We just feel it's important that we are a good community here and we need to promote safety and goodness and that's why we came here,” said Pastor Kathy Gouin.

This is the first year of the community rally at Belmont Baptist Church and they hope to get across a message they say is extremely important.

"There are people who care, there are neighbors that might get the chance to meet one another, so that if someone see's something that doesn't look normal in the community, they feel comfortable saying something,” said event organizer, Reshell Ray.

10/11 NOW spoke with people who live in the area and they say things need to change and that's why they came out to show their support.

"We want our children to be able to grow up in a safe place, we want our neighbors to be safe, we don't want to worry at night,” said Angel Manzo.

Among the dozens of people, City Council member Tammy Ward was there, she says this event shows a good, strong example to other neighborhoods in Lincoln.

“The neighbors, and residents and friends of Belmont are serious about changing sometimes stigma, of this part of town. And they've come together to send a message,” said Ward.

"I care about everybody in this community, and I think a lot of people here do,” said Manzo.

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