People upset over proposed county wheel tax

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Some local leaders think the answer to fixing plagued roads and bridges is a county wheel tax.

(Source: KOLN).

On Wednesday though, many are telling 10/11 NOW that tax would be costly and unfair.

Community leaders heard from dozens of people about the proposed wheel tax and a majority of those people say there has to be some other way to bring in money.

One after another, frustrated farmers took the podium sharing why they're against a county-wide wheel tax.

The meeting was full of laughs, clapping and side comments.

Farmers 10/11 NOW spoke with say this would cost them way too much and it is an unfair tax.

"Farmers have to have four times the vehicles as the average residents.
We have semis that we use one month out of the year to harvest corn,” said farmer Larry Hudkins.

"I feel like the wheel tax is an injustice to the people,” said Robert Davidson.

The proposed wheel tax cost for passenger cars, SUVs’ and non-farm trucks is $74.

For farmers the price varies depending on the vehicle. Ranging from $74 -185.

It's estimated imposing a wheel tax for everyone outside of Lincoln would generate $3.4 million a year for the Lancaster County budget.

"Our roads and bridges are in serious condition. We have a lot of bridges and roads that are in need of maintenance” said county commissioner, Roma Amundson.

Data shows there are more than 44,000 cars outside Lincoln city limits in Lancaster County.

"It is absolutely necessary right now for us to go forward with the required improvements,” said Amundson.

Robert Davidson says money should come from someplace else.
"I think there are other ways to collect money like certain tax on fuel,” said Davidson.

As for when this could take effect, the goal is January 1 of 2020.