Phone scam targets business managers

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SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) - A new phone scam is targeting managers of coffee shops and franchise food stores.

Two managers have already fallen victim in the Omaha metro area.

The night managers of Lamar's Donuts near 168th and Harrison and Scooter's Coffee close to 72nd and Cornhusker both received calls just before closing time.

Sarpy County Sheriff's Investigator Matt Barrall hoped to stir a scammer by pretending to be the night manager of a coffee shop.

"Hey Drew, this is Mike. I have those cards that you needed," he said on the phone.

The phony calls convinced managers at both stores targeted to take all the money from the registers.

"The suspects are spoofing telephone numbers to closely resemble those corporate offices," Barrall said.

The scammer instructed the night managers to go to a store that's open late and purchase two prepaid credit cards, then read the numbers off the back so the scammer could collect the money anywhere.

The managers were then told to cut up the cards and flush them down a toilet.

"Obtain the real numbers and double check. No one will ever get mad at you for verifying the information that you have," Barrall said.

The corporate office for Scooter's Coffee decline to comment.

A statement from Lamar's said that "The scammers defrauded Lamar's out of$1,100. Only the employee was targeted and no customers are victims."

The company alerted managers in five states and will add safeguards against telephone scams.