Pick-A-Pig 4-H Club

RAYMOND, Neb.- There is nothing more Pure Nebraska than watching kids work with livestock, and we traveled to a farm near Raymond to learn about the Lancaster County Pick-A-Pig Program.

The founder of the program is Harry Muhlbach, and he and his wife Lois help run the program. They have property near Raymond where they house a number of pigs that kids from the city can purchase and show at the county fair. The beauty of this is that kids from the city may not have a place to house a pig, but they may have a passion for livestock. The program allows city kids to connect with the farm, by getting a pig of their own to show.

Kids in the group come out to the farm and work with their pig. We talked with Anna Sump, who is the current president of the organization. "You know, I love being around the animals, and pigs are very smart, so I really love working with them," Anna said. Anna also said the group is a great way to meet other people that she wouldn't normally meet.

If you are at the Lancaster County Fair this summer, you might want to check out the hogs that are being shown from the Lancaster County 4-H Pick-A-Pig Program. If you would like to learn more about the program, you can always contact your local 4-H chapter and they will get you in touch with the operators of the group.