Pincurl Girls bring positivity to teens via text messages

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Be your most amazing self. Have the best Wednesday ever. These are things Jen Landis told herself when she was feeling down. Now, she wants to pass the message of hope and positivity on to others.

Pincurl girls calendar created by Jen Landis (Source: Madison Pitsch/KOLN)

"There is a message that I needed to share with other girls," said Landis.

Now, 10 years after that positivity-centered realization, Landis, from an art studio in her house, sends out messages of hope and positivity via text and through her organization, The Pincurl Girls.

"I don't want anyone to feel alone, because none of us are alone, we're all here together to support each other," Landis said.

For many young women heading back to school - they might be feeling some anxiety too. Currently, therapists from HopeSpoke are in 19 different public schools in Lincoln. Katie McLeese Stephenson, the executive director, says for kids entering school, positivity is key.

"It's critical because how we feel about ourselves has a lot to do with how we function," said McLeese Stephenson. "If we can counteract that (anxiety and negativity) with positivity and focusing on strengths, I think that's a really terrific idea."

So while one text message might not sound like a lot, for Landis and the 280 other girls she reaches, it's exactly what they need.

"When we exercise at the gym, we exercise our muscles and they remember these moves," Landis said. "I'm trying to exercise our minds to think positively instead of negatively."

Landis also sells calendars, bracelets and backpacks all complete with a positive message. To learn more about them, visit this link