'Pink tax' bill proposes women's hygiene products be exempt

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Women could get a bit of a break on taxes in Nebraska. A proposed bill could make feminine hygiene products tax free.

Not every feminine product would count under this bill but those taxes that are paid on these items can add up to hundreds of dollars over a lifetime.

People our sister station WOWT 6 News talked to said that while the taxes don't seem like much it's more about the principal.

Bella Pepitone said, “I think that it's something women have had to deal with since the beginning of time so for us to have to pay tax on it is a little ridiculous.”

What is being referred to as the Pink Tax is now being addressed in LB 170. A 14-page document breaks down what's covered and what's not.

Under the proposal, feminine hygiene products covered include tampons; panty liners; menstrual cups and pads. Other things like soaps, shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste would not fall under provisions of the bill.

Maddy Becker said, “It makes me feel good to save money and especially, especially if I can be saving money on something I'm using literally every month.”

Andrew McMenandy said, “I think it's unfair for women to have to pay more for something that they need.”

WOWT went and bought some product ourselves. For a $6 box of tampons, we paid 42 cents in taxes.

Senator Megan Hunt, who proposed the bill, says the state population is spending $275 million every year on state taxes for menstrual care products.

McMenandy said, “It’s about what it stands for. It's not a lot of money but in the aggregate, it could be a substantial amount of money women are paying in the state.”

A similar bill was brought forward last year but didn't make it past the Revenue Committee.

Eleven states have already eliminated the tampon tax. Senator Hunt hopes the bill makes it past the committee this time around.

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