Tasting the good life at the Burwell Pizza Palace

BURWELL, Neb.- You can get your fill of pizza during a visit to the heart of the Sandhills. 

The Pizza Palace has been a staple in the community of Burwell since 1984. We recently caught up with Andrea Seidel, who is the current owner of the business. She actually worked at the business at one time, but went off to college. She says she didn't think she would return to own the Pizza Palace, but says, "Burwell always has a place in your heart, so I ended up back here."

"When people come to the Pizza Palace, they will find food made with love. I make the dough from scratch almost every day," Seidel said. There have been some updates made to the Pizza Palace as of late. A local grant helped Seidel improve the exterior of her business with a new look, and the business has a new logo. Art work from the high school is displayed inside, and the art club painted a mural on the east wall. "I try really hard to be involved in the community," Seidel said.

The Pizza Palace started when a couple of teachers wanted to create a spot where students could go to be safe and relax. The menu has some unique names. Some of the favorites are the "Calamus Reuben", the "Cowboy Luau", and the "Max Wilson", which is named after a man who would always come and order hamburger and sauerkraut on his pizza. Many tourists come to the Palace, especially in the summer to take in the Calamus Reservoir or the Burwell Rodeo. You could certainly say Seidel is proud of her business. "It's kind of a hidden gem," Seidel said.