Platte River flooding prompts evacuations in Sarpy County

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OMAHA, Neb. -- Late Wednesday, Sarpy County Sheriff’s deputies went door-to-door in three lake communities near the Platte River as floodwaters had been reportedly spilling over a protective dike upstream.

While the Linoma lighthouse is a welcoming sign near Highway 6 and the Platte River, a Sarpy County Sheriff’s deputy enters Beacon View to warn residents they must leave.

Chris isn’t just obeying the deputy.

”Dad said it's time to go, so it’s time to go,” the Beacon View resident said.

Rich and Lynn Cope have evacuated for floods before, so they know the drill and the reasons for it.

“The Sheriff's (deputies) say it would be better if we left than wait until we have to leave because then it’s in such a hurry," Beacon View resident Lynn Cope said.

After leaving to stay with relatives, the Copes secured their property.

Neighbor Katie Farrel took her most important possessions.

“My cats and the dog in the back, just in case I can’t get back to my house tomorrow," Farrel said.

Across the highway at Linoma, Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis explained the early warning.

“If they can get stuff put in their car and save some of their belongings, that’s great," he said.

Platte River neighbors know from experience it's better to leave on their terms and not the flood waters.

Deputies said they will remain as close as possible to the evacuated areas to keep everyone's property secure.