Play Ball: Blue flamingos popping up in Malcolm

Published: Aug. 25, 2016 at 9:43 PM CDT
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It's something you don't see too often.

But people in the Malcolm community, northwest of Lincoln, are finding blue flamingos in their yards.

No, no one's playing a prank, or causing trouble.

Instead, it's all part of an effort to get people in the community focused--to build excitement and interest--on building more ball fields for the kids in the community to play on.

Currently most kids in the town, including the Malcolm High softball team, and high school baseball players, share one field. Yes, dozens and dozens of kids; one field. In fact there are 190 kids and 14 teams, according to one parent, all vying for playing time. That can be difficult to say the least.

The hope is that they can eventually raise enough money to build an incredible complex for future players.

Right now, ball players are going around town, "flocking" to various yards, putting plastic flamingos on lawns. It's sort of a fun "ransom." To get the birds out of your yard, you have to pay up--the money going to help pay for the new fields, which could eventually cost

well over 250,000 dollars or more.

It's an idea that organizers believe has more than just a leg to stand on.