Plum Creek flooding causing concerns for residents

SEWARD, Neb. Plum Creek is getting dangerously close to homes. Wednesday night law enforcement was even out directing traffic as water spilled onto main roads.

Lynn Brumm and her daughter are used to having water behind their house but not as close as the water had gotten by Wednesday night.

“Last night when i got home, the water was already a foot under the bridge,” said Brumm. “This morning it was out of the banks. The road was already closed, and now were here at the evening and it's at the base of my steps on my deck."

Brumm is a self-proclaimed weather nerd and has been tracking the storms and water, she was prepared with homemade sandbags but levels were still higher than even she anticipated.

"City officials came out which worried me a little which has never happened before just warning me where the levels were at and yet we still had a couple more feet of rising to go,” said Brumm.

From Seward County to Lancaster County, debris is another concern officials have had with all the flood water.

"We're also having an issue today with debris a lot of tree debris is in this flood water and then a lot of big ice chunks,” said Pam Dingman, Lancaster County Engineer.

Brumm has also seen debris that even belongs to her, finding measuring sticks from her garden in the water. Despite the mess shes not too worried about the clean-up.

“My yard and grass isn't super stellar,” said Brumm. “I do put a lot of time and effort into landscaping. It'll be a mess but i know many people have it way worse."

The city says it doesn't anticipate any evacuations from the flooding but if you do see any standing water in a roadway that you should never try to drive through it.