Video shows two suspects involved in NW Lincoln vandalisms

LINCOLN, Neb. - New surveillance footage from Lincoln Police shows two suspects vandalizing multiple cars in Northwest Lincoln on Tuesday morning.

Previously, footage was only shown with one suspect. The new video does not show much in the way of a description but does shine a light on the number of parties involved.

Lincoln Police say nearly $10,000 worth of damage was caused to vehicles during the string of more than 30 vandalisms.

A total of 38 vandalisms have been reported in the area of 14th Street and Alvo Road, and near the 7200 Block of Whitewater Lane, since Tuesday morning.

There have also been three reported larcenies.

The vandalisms include mainly slashed tires, and total damage is estimated at $9,150.

The person featured in the picture above was captured on surveillance. Police said "we'd like help identifying that person as they were in the area at the time"