Police investigating string of larcenies

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lincoln Police Department says people are stealing from locked cars.

This is happening at places like Holmes Lake, Jim Ager and Antelope Park.

Police say the victims left purses or other valuables in plain sight.

"You have to think about what a thief is looking for. When they look in through a car, some of them just want to grab the loose change that you might have in your cup holder, and so even things like loose change and plug in's," said Angela Sands with Lincoln Police.

The people we talked with say they all lock their doors.

"Well it's just precaution that we use all of the time in Lincoln. Not because we are worried about anything being stolen but it's just a habit to lock the car," said Bob Lezotte.

"I think there are a lot of people that don't lock their cars, and may not pay much attention to it. You would think, in a parking lot where people come and go that it would be awfully hard to pull a crime like that off," said Jim Ruigh.

One woman we spoke to comes running at Holmes Lake every morning.

"Normally I don't have a lot of valuables in my car when I come running, or they will be in the glove box or under the seat so they aren't visible. And I'll always have my phone with me and like my keys and stuff," said Caitlyn Hedrick.

And just hours after we talked with Caitlyn, her dad called us. She too, is now a victim.

He says someone jimmied the lock loose, taking her credit cards and already racking up a $5,000 tab.