Police warn about stolen packages after string of thefts in South Lincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Right now it's likely many deals people bought for Cyber Monday are starting to arrive at homes.

And with a record-setting online shopping season, LPD is warning people to be cautious though when having those packages delivered.

Lincoln police caught two men stealing packages off front porches in south Lincoln. But this wasn't the only case they've seen this season.

One family near 19th and South street even had a camera security system but that didn't stop a thief.

The Pytlik family noticed a package missing yesterday and looked back at their surveillance footage.

"Watched the package be delivered, and then shortly after stolen," Keith Pytlik.

The video shows the thief stole the package while he was biking by. Keith said the most concerning part is the timing.

"Right about the time our kids got home from school," said Pyltik.

And even further south in town two men were found stealing multiple packages off of front porches in the Vavrina Meadows neighborhood.

"We had two smaller ones and a larger one they grabbed the smaller one obviously," said Staci Nass who had some presents stolen right off of her front porch.

But, lucky for Staci, her next door neighbor saw the thieves in act and called 9-1-1.

"It was definitely the ultimate good Samaritan move of the year I would say," said Nass.

LPD caught the two men nearby Monday afternoon, finding tons of stolen packages.

"This is significant because we've gotten this similar report a few times in the past several days and weeks. And we believe these men are responsible for most of them," said LPD officer Luke Bonkiewicz.

Police and postal services encourage shoppers to be mindful of their packages this holiday season.

In Whole Foods even, there's new Amazon lockers allowing people to have any Amazon purchase shipped to the lock box. They provide you a code then to open the locker.

The package can stay there for up to three days.

The Pytlk family said they may consider this since their camera didn't deter the thief.

"Yeah we have a security system but that still didn't stop anybody from stealing from us," said Pytlik.

LPD encourages anyone who has a missing package to contact them. They have some items that were unwrapped or had no addresses that they found when when they arrested the two men.

You can call their non-emergency number 402-441-6000.