Pop-up thrift store donates funds to help survivors of human trafficking

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Clothes racks and shoes are taking up tables in a classroom at Concordia University, Nebraska. This pop-up thrift store, called Threads, is raising money for survivors of human trafficking.

The store has a two-fold purpose. Organizers said it's supposed to fight fast fashion by recycling clothes. It's also supposed to bring awareness to how you can help survivors.

"I hope they leave knowing that it's happening in our states and our cities," said organizer Sarah Van Duser. "Just knowing the simple ways of being able to combat human trafficking. It doesn't have to be this major thing where you go out and rescue the girls."

The store earned just over a thousand dollars in three days. All of those funds will go to an organization called International Justice Mission. The money will help rescue people, provide for legal fees and cover other recovery needs.