Possible trade deals give Farm Bureau hope

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - You can't blame Nebraska farmers and ranchers if they are feeling a little picked on this year. Each year presents new challenges, and extreme weather events have made it any easier in 2019.

Farm Landscape, Photo Date: 8/2/14 / Source: RichardBH / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

We've got tough margins in everything we grow and raise here in the state," said Nebraska Farm Bureau president Steve Nelson. "Then you have the weather that in March. We've had flooding off and on. It's been a struggle for everyone in the state of Nebraska."

Nelson, visiting with Local4 News at the Nebraska State Fair, said it has also been a time of farmers and ranchers working together to help fight through challenges.

Nelson says they are looking at potential good news in recent weeks with trade deals. He points out a trade deal in the works with Japan, and the up and down nature of possible deals with China.

"Trade is really important to Nebraska farmers and ranchers," said Nelson. "About 30% of everything we grow and raise in the state is exported. So, trade is vital."

Nelson says they will be watching next year's elections closely. The Farm Bureau traditionally will make endorsements in House, Senate and State Legislature races.

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