Pre-made Thanksgiving meals growing in popularity

LINCOLN, Neb. For many Thanksgiving means family, fun and food but in recent years the option to pre-order a holiday meal can take the pressure off and the prep time down.

The A Street Market has been making pre-made food and meals for years but the owner Angela Barry says in the past few years the interest in ordering a pre-made holiday meal has gone way up.

“Everybody is excited, everybody is ready to prep their dinners and we’re happy to do that for them,” said Barry.

It’s a trend that’s growing in popularity. A survey by Forbes last year showed nearly one in four cooks would be purchasing pre-made Thanksgiving dishes or full meals.

“We offer all of the other things if you wanted to make your own,” said Barry. “We also wanted to offer the option of having meals made for you.”

In most cases ordering a pre-made meal isn’t going to save you that much money. The Farm Bureau estimates a turkey dinner for 10 will cost you just under $50 dollars this year. While pre-made in Lincoln can run the range from 30 to 90 dollars, depending on the size of your Thanksgiving table.

“We feature a two person, four person, six person dinners,” said Barry. “We also did a dinner for 32 people, so we have a wide gambit of offerings that we do.”

The appeal here is ease. No grocery shopping, no clean up, and at A Street the meals come with cooking instructions as well.

“We take it dinner by dinner,” said Barry. “We customize those directions so that you know exactly what to do when you get that dinner home and it’s easy for you.”