President Trump to visit Council Bluffs next week

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) -- President Trump is planning a visit to Council Bluffs on Tuesday, June 11, to talk about renewable energy.

Source: MGN

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said she expects to talk with the president during his visit next week and tell him the state will need more flood recovery help from the federal government.

Following a tour at Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy next week, the president is expected to speak about the year-round E-15 rule announced last week and to highlight his administration's accomplishments for American farmers, according to a White House official. SIRE has more than 800 members representing area farmers, local banks, and other Midwest agriculture business owners.

The White House said the new rule follows Trump’s 2018 directive to the EPA to make E-15 gasoline, which is blended with up to 15% ethanol, during summer; and to reform the compliance system to deter price manipulation and increase transparency.

Reynolds told reporters Tuesday that she will tell the president his newly announced tariffs on Mexico aren't helpful, but will thank him for making a 15% ethanol/gasoline mixture available year-round and for approving Iowa flood disaster aid quickly.

The president's Iowa visit is also meant to "reaffirm his commitment to supporting and defending America's farmers," according to the official. He plans to highlight his efforts "to negotiate an updated modern trade agreement with Canada and Mexico."

Although Reynolds has aligned herself closely with Trump, she says she'll be clear with him about her view that his planned tariffs against Mexico will hinder efforts to ratify a trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Trump is also planning to attend a private Republican Party fundraiser in West Des Moines while in Iowa next week.

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