Pride in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH, Neb.- You could certainly say that residents in Plymouth are proud of their Jefferson County town.

Fred Meyer says that faith is a big part of the community. Another reason that the town is successful is because of civic groups and plenty of volunteers to help with projects. "We have approximately 30 businesses in town, that employ 247 people," Meyer said.

Some of the businesses in town include the Farmers Cooperative, along with D & K agri sales, Wells Implement, Milius Hardware, Auto Repair Plus, and Plymouth Electric & Irrigation. "We are diversified so that everybody's kind of working together, and making this a good little town," Meyer said.

The town also has plenty of history. There is a veterans memorial in the park, there is a new community center, and in the future there will be "Plymouth Plaza" that will feature a fitness center, dance studio, and medical clinic. The plaza building is now being complIn a Pure Nebraska "our town" segment, we are visiting the community of Plymouth. Residents say there are many reasons why residents like to call the town home.

"We have a good Tri-County school, a good school," Meyer said. The fire department is also a source of pride for locals, as the new station was put up about two years ago. The next time you are in Jefferson County, you might want to include a visit to Plymouth.