Principal charged in teacher's sex abuse case resigns post

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OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- Eric Nelson has resigned as principal of Fontenelle Elementary School in the wake of accusations that he failed to report the alleged sexual assault of a student by a teacher.

The sexual assault case involves Greg Sedlacek. Other teachers at the school reported him for improper contact with a 7-year-old student during recess.

Sedlacek faces sexual assault charges in that case.

Prosecutors say that witnesses had told Nelson about the incident last November and Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said Nelson did not report it to authorities.

As a result, Nelson was accused of felony child abuse and placed on administrative leave. In March he was ordered to stand trial in district court. A trial date is not yet scheduled.

The Omaha Public School District confirms that Nelson has resigned.

He is scheduled to be replaced August 1 as Fontenelle principal by Heather Rogers, pending board approval.

Rogers is currently an elementary principal in Wichita, Kansas at Gardiner Elementary where she has worked the past five years. Prior to that, she was the Assistant Principal at Enterprise Elementary in Wichita, Kansas for one year.