Produce with a purpose helps Love Justice to end human trafficking

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A bright yellow banner sticks out from the corner of a gas station parking lot above a produce stand on 70th and Van Dorn streets.

Part of the proceeds gained from Produce With A Purpose support Love Justice International, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking.

It says, 'Produce With A Purpose.' And that purpose, according to somebody who helps out at the produce stand, is to help prevent human trafficking in 15 foreign countries.

"Money here is helping people fight sex trafficking across the world," said Becky Lindquist, one of the people that runs Produce with a Purpose.

Produce with a purpose began partnering with Love Justice International, an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking.

"It's pretty cool when people ask what the purpose is to tell how much of an impact we're making on the world and our community in Lincoln," said Brooke Lindquist. Brooke works the stands on the weekends with her mom, Becky. "Sometimes customers don't even know, so that's pretty cool."

With every purchase of tomatoes, watermelons, peaches or red onions, part of that purchase goes to helping Love Justice prevent human trafficking.

"About for every hundred dollars that people donate to Love Justice, that goes toward saving one girl," said Doug Dworak, the Global Ambassador of Love Justice.

Customers said they're happy to know a produce stand on the corner in Lincoln, Nebraska can help someone else worlds away

"As a consumer, that makes me really happy obviously," said Teri Langan Dee, a customer. Chantel Ele said, "It's rewarding to know that you're giving in to something that's giving to something other then themselves."

Dworak says the creative ways that people find to help Love Justice have propelled Love Justice even further into helping more people.

"Every year that we've been doing this now, or I haven't been doing, but they've been doing for us, it just seems to grow and grow," said Dworak. "And there's nothing better than fresh fruit and vegetables."

If you would like to connect with Produce with a Purpose, follow this link to their Facebook page.