Program helps to preserve fossils as new roads are developed

Published: Feb. 13, 2017 at 10:57 AM CST
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The state of Nebraska is always growing. With that, comes construction of new roads and highways. As the state continues to bridge communities together with these roads, it’s important to keep our history in mind.

That’s why a program was started called the “Highway Salvage Paleontology” program.

The program is based on close cooperation between contractors, the Nebraska Department of Roads, and the University of Nebraska State Museum. It allows two full-time paleontologists to monitor roads projects and help save fossils from being destroyed or paved over.

George Corner with the University of Nebraska State Museum says the program is invaluable and has helped to recover thousands of fossils in Nebraska. Many of those fossils are millions of years old.

If you would like to view the fossils that were discovered as a part of the program, visit the University of Nebraska State Museum. It’s located on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus, and is open seven days a week.


for more information on the museum and the “Highway Salvage Paleontology” Program.