Prom dress sales spike during state basketball tournaments

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- According to the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau, $2.5 million to $3 million are generated from each tournament weekend -- which brings $5 million to $6 million into Lincoln when people visit for girls and boys state basketball.

One place visitors are going to is the Black Swan Dress Boutique. The store sees a significant spike in prom dress purchases over the two weekends. The boutique sells 1,000 dresses during prom season, and during tournament weekends, they'll sell 200.

"The amount of prom dresses that are purchased on state high school weekends is amazing because Lincoln is an extension of rural Nebraska," Executive Director for Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau Jeff Maul said.

The store has 300 prom dresses in stock -- ready for the state basketball shoppers.

"Last year during boys state basketball and girls state basketball, our whole month of March was pretty much done in those two weekends," The Black Swan Dress Boutique owner Joe Bohac said.

One cheerleader from the state tournament, Bonnie Jo Schuerman, said, "I"m here shopping for my prom dress. It's coming up looking around!"

Bohac said they keep track of the dresses from each school, so each girl has a unique dress for prom.