Property values on the rise in Lancaster County

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LINCOLN, Neb ()KOLN) Because of brisk sales in Lincoln's home market, the Lancaster County Assessor has adjusted the value of your home. Assessor Rob Ogden sent out over 110,000 post cards to homeowners today, and he says it on average, the value of a home in Lancaster County will be going up about 15 percent.

"It seems the less expensive houses increased in value by a higher percentage," Ogden says. "But most houses under $500,000 realized on increase."

Ogden says the increase in value does not necessarily reflect an increase in your taxes. "This is just an effort to re-balance the valuations inside the county." He said if your valuation increase is less than the county average, you may actually see your taxes dip slightly.

"It's really just your percentage of the total property tax need within the city, county and school district in which you live."

Residents who wish to protest the new valuations will have until February 1 to do so. Information on how to protest will be contained on the valuation information, which is on the way to your mailbox.