Proposal would change roadside memorials

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- It's not uncommon to drive down Lancaster County roads and see a homemade roadside memorial, but that may change in a week.

"It's a safety concern for workers and people on the side of the road," said Deb Schorr, Lancaster County Commissioner.

I talked to Ryan Post's mom, who has a roadside memorial out for her daughter on a county road. She said she would be disappointed if this passed.

"This is a way to be able to put something where she took her very last breath," said Colleen Lovett, Ryan Post's mother.

Schorr said that it will cost the family $100 and will stay up for three to six years.

"We are a leader for a lot of things here in Lancaster County, so this is just another way we can set a good example for other counties," said Schorrr.

However, Lovett said this isn't fair, and doesn't agree with the policy.

"Which is safe, a cross that takes one second to look at, or a sign that takes a few seconds?" said Lovett.