Protect your online information from data breaches

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LINCOLN, Neb. Yahoo's announcement of a massive data breach, affecting 500 million accounts, is just the latest on a growing list.

Data breaches like this one are becoming more common but there's ways consumers can protect their information online.

If you find out your account has been compromised or you're notified of a data breach, experts recommend you take it seriously.

Experts say you should change your passwords often.
You won't always get timely notices from companies about hacks. According to CNN, in Yahoo's case it took two years for the company to confirm the breach.

You also can protect yourself by never using the same password twice. If hackers get access to the password for one of your online accounts, they can try to use it to access your other accounts.

Also, when it comes to passwords, think twice before choosing what's easy to remember.

Consider using a phrase instead of single words and don't use common phrases like cliches, as passwords.

Since strong, unique passwords can be difficult to memorize, you may also consider a password manager.

These platforms save passwords and security answers for every account you have and then, you only have to remember a single master password to the manager.

Also, if you frequently use the same security questions and answers for other online accounts, change those questions as well.

Another tool you can use is two-factor authentication.

The simple feature is offered by several companies and it asks for more than just a password.