Protect yourself from dog attacks

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) After a recent case where a woman was attacked by a dog in Lincoln, Animal Control wants people to know how to protect themselves from aggressive dogs.

If you're out for a walk and attacked by a dog, the department's biggest advise is stay calm. "Be assertive, you don't want to stare the dog directly in the eyes. You don't want to provoke the dog more by walking or screaming," Scott Lowry, Animal Control Field Supervisor said.

If you have a walking stick with you, Lowry said to place it in front of you. "If a dog wants to bite you, give them the stick to bite," he said.

Animal Control recommends dog owners wear a sweatshirt around their waist while out on a walk. Give the dog the sweatshirt if it is aggressive, because they say it will help focus the attention somewhere else.

"It will distract them, if they want to bite something they will bite the closest object to them. If you give them that stick or sweatshirt, they will feel like they have a part of you. That will distract them long enough for you to get away," he said.

Trevor Bassen, the CEO of Canine Consultants in Lincoln wants dog owners to learn to be a step ahead of their dogs like a child. "With my dogs, I will navigate the situation using general obedience, but they look at me and know I am the leader of the pack," Bassen said. "That's what calms them and relaxes them. Somebody coming up to you not having that control, that's when you remain calm play it cool and collective."

Animal Control wants dog owners to always have their cell phones on them when they talk a walk so they can quickly call for help. They advise always calling 911 first.