Quarter-cent sales tax open house for road repairs

LINCOLN, Neb. The quarter-cent sales tax is expected to generate around $13 million dollars a year.

That money will go towards street repairs and Thursday night was the first chance for voters to say where those repairs should start.

The meeting was the first of five open houses where people can submit their ideas on what roads need to be addressed first with the extra revenue.

Areas like 70th Street from Adams to Fremont and 14th Street right in front of Belmont Elementary were some of the more common places mentioned.

“There are some streets up there in Northeast Lincoln that are in pretty bad shape,” said Marvin Little of Lincoln. “Me and a lot of other people would like to see some repairs done.”

Others in attendance were more concerned about what should be addressed as opposed to exactly where.

“I was mostly concerned about this quadrant of the city and the many potholes there are throughout the city,” said Brian Streeter of Lincoln. “It’s quite bumpy and rough-riding when you’re going down city streets.”

All five meetings, aimed at helping the mayor-appointed committee choose what projects should take priority, will be the same open house style.

“I get my chance to express my concerns and I gave them several places that need repair,” said Little.

There are options to submit roads on an interactive map and place votes on what criteria should be most important when selecting roads to repair.

“We’ve got a few things around, answering questions about those street characteristics, ride quality and appearance of our streets,” said Lonnie Burklund the Assistant Director of Transportation.

The committee’s recommendations are due by the end of October. Then that goes to the mayor and city council.

“It’s probably going to be a mix of a lot of residential and neighborhood streets in the first couple years,” said Burklund. “Then we’ll ratchet up into more arterial streets probably in the outer years.”

The next meeting will be Tuesday the 17th at the Walt Branch Library.