Questionable comments surface from Wymore's Mayor

Comments made at a public meeting Wednesday night are causing a stir in the small community of Wymore.

The comments were made by Wymore Mayor Milton Pike, in response to a group of women and four high school girls who were supporting the idea of using Keno funds for a public track.

That's when Pike said he wanted to know if their husband's supported the proposal.

On the recording you can hear an interaction between a woman attending the meeting, Tiffany Henrichs and Pike.

Pike: "I'd like to see your husbands come in here and you know."
Henrichs: "Excuse me, I don't have to have my husband's support to do anything."
Pike: "Well, what does he think about it?"
Henrichs: "I am flabbergasted that you would even have the audacity to ask if our husbands are okay with us being here."
Pike: "It sounds to me, you know you got a small group."
Henrichs: "You know where my husband is, my husband is at home raising our children so I can be here to be in support of this."
Pike: "You could be home and he could be here."

As of Thursday night, the audio has been heard almost four thousand times on social media.

The comments were made at the Wymore City Office.

Henrichs recorded the audio, and said the comments were sexist and made her feel disgusted.

"I'm angry, but it's almost past angry," said Henrichs. "It's disheartening and saddening to know somebody truly feels that way. It was not said as a joke, and it was not said as sarcasm, you know he meant the words that came out.”

She said she has experience attending public city meetings and began recording when their item was up on the agenda. She just happened to record the interaction.

"I knew this had the potential for things to be said that would be out of line," she added. “So I have the full audio but that was the most relevant thing to trim down in the clip.”

Henrichs also said there were four female high school students in their group advocating as well, and she was discouraged that they had to hear to Mayor's comments.

"You know you work so hard to teach your little girls that they can do anything," Henrichs said. “And this was such a step back that was taken and that's unfortunate.”

Henrichs told 10/11 a council member did step in during the interaction and that the measure did pass for the funding.

10/11 also reached out to both the Mayor's Office and the City Attorney's Office in Wymore multiple times for comment. The City Attorney told us he had spoken to the Mayor about what happened but as of Thursday night we have not received any comment.

Pike did tell the Lincoln Journal Star Friday, "Every woman down here hates me," adding, "The statement I made was uncalled for," Pike said. "All I meant was, they had the kids and the women there, are the men behind this project as much as the women?" "I wanted to know where the men fall on this."