RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Four restaurants written up for pests


Vina Market I
611 N 27th St, Lincoln
Vina Market received 17 violations, seven of which were repeats in February. According to the report, inspectors found mouse droppings in one of the isles as well as rodent bait pellets on shelves mixed in with packaged food. The business was also cited for keeping a carrot bag on top of an open container of raw fish. The business passed its most recent inspection.

A’s Stop and Shop
1301 N 27th St, Lincoln
Inspectors wrote up A’s Stop and Shop after the health department found a large number of mouse droppings in the soda cabinet and along the countertops. Inspectors also found nestings in the cabinets and back rooms. The gas station was also written up for storing chicken over Gatorade in a walk-in cooler and reusing gloves. The business passed its most recent inspection.

Hub Café
250 N 21st St, Lincoln
Hub Café was also written up over mouse droppings. Inspectors say they found the droppings in a storage room. The health department also wrote up the restaurant after an employee cracked an egg and didn’t wash their hands. According to the report, the Food Enforcement Notice was issued for improper cooling of food. Hub Café says everything has been corrected and it passed its most recent inspection.

201 N 7th St #107, Lincoln
JTK was cited after the inspector found cockroaches under the warewashing machine, live roaches on sticky boards and roaches at various stages of development. The restaurant was also cited for having RAID on the bar floor, which is not labeled for restaurant use. Inspectors also wrote up the restaurant for having 11-day-old cooked lamb and chicken in the cooler. JTK says the inspector came back for a follow-up inspection and everything was cleared.

Mazatlan II
2711 King Ln, Lincoln
Inspectors wrote up Mazatlan II for improperly cooling beef in February. The restaurant was also written up for keeping food at the wrong temperature and an employee not having a food handler permit. Mazatlan II says everything has been fixed since then. The restaurant passed its most recent inspection.

Village Inn
7101 S 27th St, Lincoln
Village Inn received eight citations back in February. Inspectors wrote up the restaurant for holding foods at unsafe temperatures and holding raw pork sausage over ready to eat meats in the cooler. The business passed its most recent inspection.

Five Guys
6100 O St, Lincoln
Five Guys was written up for employees not having food handler permits.

Taqueria El Rey II
116 S 27th St, Lincoln
Taqueria El Rey II was written up in February for water available in the truck for hand washing. According to the report, all the water in the truck had frozen from cold temperatures and the hand sink was not operational. An inspector also observed an employee reusing gloves. Management says everything has since been resolved. The restaurant passed its most recent inspection.

7300 S 13th St, Lincoln
In February, inspectors cited Florio’s for 10 violations. Some of the citations include employees having expired permits, a dish machine not sanitizing, and not cooling potato soup safely. The restaurant passed its most recent inspection.