RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Imperial Palace gets fourth write-up in 12 months

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LINCOLN, (Neb.) Since January 23, 2017, inspectors have written up Imperial Palace on four occasions. In 2017, health inspectors cited the restaurant twice for not covering certain food items and mouse droppings on trays in the kitchen.

According to the immediate suspension report on January 31, 2017, inspectors also saw a live mouse run across the floor.

Since then, the restaurant has not had issues with rodents. However, according this year’s food enforcement notice, inspectors found dead cockroaches on sticky traps. Employees were also seen not washing their hands after working with raw meat. The inspector added that none of the employees were seen washing their hands after returning from eating or coming in from outside. Another repeat violation involved the dishwasher not reaching the proper temperature needed to sanitize dishes.

A manager at Imperial Palace told 1011NOW they have fixed everything and they passed their most recent follow up inspection.