RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Two restaurants written up for cockroaches

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Sakura China Supreme Buffet Restaurant
6145 O St, Lincoln
The health department says Sakura China had issues holding raw tuna and salmon at the right temperature… and cockroaches. According to the report inspectors found roaches on several sticky traps throughout the facility, including one live roach by the dish machine. Inspectors also reported finding knives and plates with food residue and a milk container sitting inside an ice maker bin.

Topper Popper
1402 N Cotner Blvd, Lincoln
Inspectors wrote up Topper Popper after finding cockroaches throughout its facility, adding that they found cockroach droppings on a storage shelf. Inspectors also cited the restaurant for employees not using proper hair restraints. In a statement the restaurant said, “We have done everything needed since then and the health department has been happy with the changes we have made.”

King Kong Restaurant
6800 Wildcat Dr Lincoln
In December King Kong received a food enforcement notice for not keeping food in the prep cooler and rail cooler cold enough. Inspectors also cited the restaurant for three of the employees not having a valid food handler permit.

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches
101 N 14th St, Lincoln
Inspectors issued a food enforcement notice against Jimmy John’s after they found employee(s) working without current food handler permit(s).

Boss’ Pizza & Chicken
1000 Saunders Ave, Lincoln
According to health inspectors Boss’ Pizza & Chicken was written up over employees lacking current food handler permits and having no food manage associated with the establishment.

Zoo Bar
136 N 14th St, Lincoln
Health inspectors issued a food enforcement notice to Zoo Bar for an employee having an expired food handler permit. The restaurant told 1011 News they are addressing the situation and it will be taken care of soon.

Nate's Place
2701 N 48th St Suite #4, Lincoln
Inspectors cited Nate’s Place with two priority violations. The first was for storing eggs on a shelf above cheeses. The other violation was for storing gravy at the wrong temperature.

Toppers Pizza
1226 P St, Lincoln
In December inspectors wrote up Toppers Pizza over employee(s) not having current food handler permit(s). Toppers released the following statement to 1011 Now. “We take this very seriously and have rectified the situation.”

4200 S 14th St, Lincoln
Inspectors cited the restaurant for improperly reheating beans. Amigos released the following statement, “Amigos has procedures in place to assure proper temperatures are maintained and sanitary guidelines are followed. We do our own monthly internal inspections and work closely with the local health department and serving safe food is our number one priority.”

The "Clean Plate Award" goes to Yogurtini. The frozen yogurt shop sells 16 different flavors with more than 75 different toppings and in the last three years the business has passed all of its inspections.