Ready or not, here comes summer!

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 6:44 PM CDT
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June 1st marks the beginning of meteorological summer, which starts the hottest 3 month stretch of the year in the northern hemisphere and covers June, July, and August. For Lincoln, average highs during this time start on June 1st at 80°, but by July 1st reach 89° and then stay in the mid to upper 80s all the way through the end of August.

For Lincoln, we haven't really had much warm weather yet this year, as both April and May finished a few degrees below average. In fact, for Lincoln we've only seen one day reach 90° or better this year and we've only had another 6 days so far this entire year in the 80s. The combined 7 days in the 80s and 90s so far in 2020 is about half of what we'd usually expect.

For those folks who'd prefer the warmer weather though, the forecast over the next few weeks has a much more summer-like feel to it as above average temperatures are expected not only over the first week of June, but for the month as a whole.

The Climate Prediction Center's temperature outlook for June heavily


above average temperatures across much of central plains. Now keep in mind, this doesn't mean that every single day in June will see above average temperatures, but rather the month as a whole at any given location across the state has good odds (about 60% to 70%) to finish the month warmer than average. With average highs climbing from the low 80s to the upper 80s through the month, this likely means we'll see lots of days with highs potentially into the 80s and 90s in June - something again we haven't seen much of so far in 2020.

The outlook for June isn't just for warmer than average temperatures, but the CPC's outlook also favors drier than average conditions across the southeastern half of the state.

Again, this doesn't mean that June won't see rain, just that the pattern over the next month would at least slightly favor not as much rain as we usually see across parts of the state. For Lincoln specifically, we average 4.22" of rain in June and it is on average our wettest month of the year.

The drier than average outlook is certainly something to keep a close eye on as so far in 2020 our precipitation in Lincoln is a little more than 1.00" below average. Areas of "abnormally dry" conditions have also been spreading across the southern sections of the state over the past few weeks according to the drought monitor.