Recycling bills increasing in Lincoln

(Source: KOLN).
Published: Aug. 28, 2019 at 9:44 PM CDT
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A lot of you have been reaching out, telling us your recycling prices have been going up.

So we reached out to several companies. They told us prices are high for them, too.

10/11 NOW spoke with multiple refuse companies over the phone who say it's costing them even more to get rid of the recycled materials, and so they have no choice but to add an additional charge for customers.

For the last five years Sally Bush has been using Star City Recycling.

"I’m a big environmental person, so I think it is definitely worth it,”said Bush.

She says she has had nothing but a great experience but on her most recent bill she saw a change.

"I just got the bill and thought oh crap. It went from $24 to $30, just this last billing cycle, that's for every two months,” said Bush.

But Bush is not the only one.

10/11 NOW reached out to nearly a dozen different refuse companies here in Lincoln.

They say their prices are going up anywhere from $1 to $6 a month.

That's because it's costing them more to get rid of the recycled


In just the last three months, one company says per-ton recycling prices have nearly tripled.

"If it were $15 a month that may be different, but $3... nah,” said Bush.

More bad news, one company says it expects recycling costs to go up even more, which could raise your prices even more.

Part of the reason companies are paying more is because recyclers are being over saturated with materials since the cardboard ban was passed.

Now they have more supply than demand.