Remnants of the frontier

If you want to experience what life might have been like on a frontier military fort, then consider a trip to Fort Sidney.

There's not much left of Fort Sidney. In fact, the only three original buildings that remain are the Officers Quarters, which now serves as the Cheyenne County Museum. Then there's the original powder magazine, and the Post Commanders Quarters. The Post Commanders Quarters would have been the commanding officer's house. "His entire family would have lived here, and it was a single family dwelling," Cheyenne County Historical Association representative Roger Jorgensen said. "I think this is the only one left in Nebraska at this time. There are some commanders quarters that have been rebuilt, but this is the only original one that we can figure out."

The Post Commanders Quarters offered some high-end living on the Nebraska prairie at the time. Much of the furniture in the home is original. "As a matter of fact, the piano is actually Colonel Morrow's, and the entire master bedroom set is Colonel Marrow's," Jorgensen said. "There were many different commanding officers, but Morrow was the last one." Across the street from the Post Commanders Quarters is a residential area. The fort's parade grounds is where those houses now stand.

If people would like to visit the Post Commanders Quarters, it's open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 1 to 4 p.m. on weekends. If you go, be sure to check in at the Cheyenne County Museum building first. They will set you up with a guide to take you through the Post Commanders Quarters.