Restaurant Report Card: Businesses Cited for Expired Food, Pests & Hand Washing

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Russ's Market
1709 Washington St, Lincoln
Health inspectors say they had to throw out several rotisserie chickens that had expired at the Russ’s Market on Washington Street. Inspectors also cited issues with flies and plumbing. According to the report, inspectors gave the restaurant the day to take care of a floor drain that was backing up to the point where employees were not able to properly wash their hands. The health department later verified that a plumber was called on-site for immediate corrections. The grocery store passed its most recent inspection.

Village Inn
2949 N 27th St, Lincoln
According to the inspection, the Village Inn on N. 27th Street was issued 13 violations in its most recent food enforcement notice. Inspectors wrote up the restaurant over hand-washing, a repeat violation. Inspectors also found several cockroaches behind the counter and in cabinets. Inspectors also reported seeing two adult roaches run along the wall. Village Inn passed its most recent inspection.

555 S 70th St, Lincoln
Health inspectors issued a food enforcement notice to the Subway on S. 70th Street after finding moldy chocolate syrup in the walk-in cooler. Inspectors also cited the restaurant for expired permits and residue left behind on a milkshake mixer.

Domino's Pizza
2401 N 48th St, Lincoln
The health department issued a food enforcement notice to the Domino's Pizza on N. 48th Street for not having current food handler permits and no food protection manager on staff.