Restaurant Report Card: Tandoor Indian Cuisine

Tandoor Indian Cuisine among restaurants hit with food violations after inspection by Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department.
Tandoor Indian Cuisine among restaurants hit with food violations after inspection by Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department.(KOLNKGIN)
Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 10:53 AM CST
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Tandoor Indian Cuisine

The popular Indian restaurant at South 34th and Old Cheney was recently inspected by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department where inspectors noted 13 violations, including four critical.


, the inspector wrote that boxes originally used to store raw chicken were holding dining utensils and other single service items. The report mentioned the possibility of bacteria contamination from the improper storage.

An employee in the kitchen also lacked a proper hair restraint, according to the report.

Other violations include onion sauce in a walk-in cooler was measured at an unsafe temperature well above what food code permits.

Cooked rice being stored in a warmer was also recorded at temperature cooler than permitted, the inspection report stated. The health specialist also noted cheese being pressed on a drainboard where dishes were being cleaned.

The inspector also noted items like chicken, yogurt sauce and broth were left out at room temperatures for hours during lunch time.

A request to the Tandoor for comment was not returned to 10/11.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

The south Lincoln location of the sub shop chain was written up for 13 violations, four of which were critical during an October 3 inspection.

Two priority violations include employees not having current food handler permits and a lack of a certified food manager,


The restaurant was also knocked for using the same spatula for both raw and cooked foods.

Other items noted in the report were an employee who did not wash their hands for a full 20 seconds and a food preparation slicer with residue.

The restaurant also lacked an updated employee roster, according to the report.

A 10/11 NOW request for comment was not returned.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen at North 48th and Leighton Avenue was inspected October 17 by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

Ten food violations were noted by the health specialist

. Three violation were listed as critical.

During the review, the temperature of cooked hamburger and chicken was below the safe cooking temperature and had to be ran through the broiler a second time.

Five employees were also found to not have up-to-date food handler permits, nor did any manager have a valid food manager certification, according to the inspection report.

Employees were also observed in the kitchen without a proper hair restraint or hat.

The restaurant lacked a bodily fluid spill clean-up kit, the report noted.

A request seeking comment or response was not returned.


The Mexican restaurant near 70th and P Streets was cited for eight health violations, including two priority violations during an October 10 inspection.

, the restaurant was out of compliance in a number of areas, including preventing food contamination and the physical facility.

During the inspection, the environmental health specialist noted that food on the preparation cooler was not reaching safe temperatures. A number of food items like tamales and guacamole had to be thrown out.

The report also included a write-up involving a garden hose hooked up to the restaurant's water supply. The report mentioned a required backflow preventer was not installed.

Also noted in the report was a tub of cooling chicken was at an unsafe temperature. A large pot containing raw chicken was left in the middle of the floor in a walk-in cooler, according to the inspection report.

The restaurant did not provide a comment or response to 10/11 NOW.


The drive-in fast food chain location near 48th and Old Cheney was inspected by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department October 16.

eleven food-related violations.

The lone critical violation was found when a food storage cooler was not keeping food at safe temperatures.The food inside had to be discarded.

Other items noted in the report include a blocked hand sink, as well as clean, wet dishes that were stacked before properly drying.

A spokesman for Sonic provided the following statement to 10/11 NOW:

The SONIC franchisee who owns and operates this drive-in takes food safety very seriously. Following an inspection report from the local health department on October 16 noting a critical issue with a piece of refrigeration equipment, the franchisee addressed and corrected the issue. SONIC works hard to ensure every guest receives a meal that has been properly handled and prepared, and we have processes in place to address any food safety concerns. SONIC takes pride in being a good community partner, and we appreciate the trust and confidence our guests place in SONIC every day to serve them delicious and safe food.

The Cajun-themed fast food restaurant at 48th and Vine was slapped with ten food violations, with one being critical during a recent inspection.

On October 21, the inspector noted the restaurant was out of compliance on a few different areas.

The priority violation consisted of a manager who could not provide a record of employees with food handler permits,


The report also stated that a bodily fluid cleanup kit was not available in the restaurant as required by city code.

The inspector also noted soil residues on the blade of a can opener, as well as the presence of flies in the kitchen.

A request for comment was not returned.


Nine food violations were found during an inspection at Amigos restaurant location in the Highlands neighborhood, at NW 1st and W Fletcher.

During that time, one priority violation was found. Refried beans and cheese sauce were not at a required 165 degree minimum temperature. A written log with recorded times and temperatures was filled out before actually recorded,


Other violations noted during the inspection include the ice scoop handle stored in the ice, cracks and damages inside coolers and grease and food buildup near the grill and fryers.

Janice Moore, Vice President of Marketing, sent the following statement to 10/11 NOW:

“Food safety and sanitation is of utmost importance to Amigos. Corrective action was taken to address this problem and the follow-up inspection was passed. Additional training and supervision will continue.”

The fast food chain restaurant at 27th and Highway 2 was given four health violations, including one critical, during an inspection October 15,


An environmental health specialist noted cheese sauce with a cool temperature had to be tossed, even after being heated up.

The restaurant was also written up for a slicer that was loose at the base and a dirty tong holder. Mold was also found on racks in a walk-in cooler, according to the report.

DRM Inc., the restaurant's owner, sent the following statement to 10/11 NOW:

Food quality and safety for our guests and team members is our top priority. We take these matters very seriously and corrected the report findings immediately.
Clean Plate Award

FlyDogz, a gourmet hot dog restaurant, near 31st and O Streets was awarded the 10/11 Clean Plate Award for the month of November.

The restaurant has among the best Lincoln restaurant health inspection scores, according to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

Marcus Pierson, the owner of FlyDogz, said a second FlyDogz location is scheduled to open mid-December in downtown Seward.

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