Restrictions to be loosened in Lincoln on June 1

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Loosened restrictions and COVID-19 guidelines in Lincoln and Lancaster County come June 1 will closely mirror those put in place by Governor Pete Ricketts, local officials said Thursday.

Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Director Pat Lopez said that the Directed Health Measure that will go into effect on June 1 will look very similar to the guidelines put forth by Ricketts on Thursday afternoon.

Included in those changes is the ability for bars to reopen, larger events to be held with restrictions and approval, and the start of limited-contact sports.

A full list of the DHM guidelines put forth by Ricketts is listed below.

According to Baird, the decision was made due to Lincoln not seeing a large spike in cases of COVID-19, a decrease in positivity rate, and hospital capacity and contact tracing both being in good shape.

Baird did remind people to continue to practice good hand hygiene and to wear a mask when in public.

Below is an outline of the new DHM guidelines announced by Gov. Ricketts. The new DHM will go into effect June 1 for all counties except Dakota, Hall, Merrick, and Hamilton.

Restaurants, worship services, and daycares continue to operate as they have been in May.

Those traveling internationally are required to self-quarantine for 14 days. Exceptions for military and healthcare-related travel.

Limited-contact sports (tennis, golf, volleyball, rodeo) for both youth and adults will be allowed to resume practice on June 1. Competition can resume June 18.

Football, wrestling, soccer, and basketball are still prohibited.

Bars can reopen under the same rules as restaurants. This means 50 percent of capacity with 6-feet of separations between tables. Arcades, darts, and pool are still prohibited.

Some large gatherings can resume. Indoor and outdoor venues can hold events at 25 percent of capacity, not to exceed 3,000 people. This includes zoos, indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, swimming pools, large conference rooms.

In Douglas County, for any event expecting over 1,000 people a plan for safely following guidelines must be submitted to the state for review. In all other counties, this is in place for gatherings over 500 people.

School gyms, health clubs, funeral and wedding venues, movie theatres, tattoo shops, and salons can all operate at 50 percent capacity, or 25 people (whichever is greater) while following guidelines.