Rivers expected to return to flood stage this weekend

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While the standing water from this week's heavy rains is starting to dissipate, the runoff from this week's storms could create more flooding problems this weekend.

According to the National Weather Service Hydrological Prediction Service, three river gauges are expected to eclipse the moderate flood stage this weekend.

Rulo has been dealing with moderate flooding along the Missouri River for months, but forecasters expect the river to rise again, cresting at 21.4 feet sometime Saturday. That would mean standing water again for properties on the Nebraska side of the river.

In northeast Nebraska's Knox County, the Ponca Creek near Verdel is expected to hit 15.5 feet sometime Friday afternoon. That will mean residents along the creek in Verdel and Lynch will once again need to be prepared for flooding.

The Elkhorn River in Ewing escaped the worst of the flooding this past March but is expected to eclipse the moderate flood stage Saturday. That will put ag lands in rural Holt and Antelope Counties in jeopardy of flooding and will place structures and roads along the Elkhorn in danger as well.