Road trip to Shotgun Annie's

A Callaway business owner is encouraging people to take the scenic route to check out her restaurant.

Candice Burnett is the owner of Shotgun Annie's Saloon and Grill. You could say she's got a little experience in the restaurant business. "I owned a bar in Nickerson, Nebraska near Fremont, or rather I ran one," Burnett said. "I've been around the business my whole life. Family, aunts and uncles have owned other restaurants and bars, so I really wasn't planning on getting back into it but it just kind of happened and I'm glad it did."

Burnett says she discovered the building sitting empty, and she wanted to turn it into a saloon. The business has plenty of character, as it offers customers an Old West-type of setting. "There's brands on the ceiling," Burnett said. "They had a branding party back in the day when the previous owners had it. It's just right up my alley, it's rustic and it's homey."

But it's the food that keeps people coming back. "Our menu is very varied, we have a lot of specialty burgers. I think there are 10 or 11 burgers on the menu," Burnett said. "There's also seafood, steak and chicken, with tacos on Thursday nights. "And it's very generous portions, we make sure you don't go away hungry," Burnett said.

The top seller might be the chicken fried cheeseburger. "I came up with it at my other bar in Nickerson, Nebraska," Burnett said. "It's just a breaded and fried cheeseburger, served on Texas toast with white gravy. You kind of dip it in the gravy and it's pretty good stuff, and there are only two places in Nebraska you can find it. Here, and at my former bar."

Burnett says a friend still runs her former business, but now she's putting all of her energy into Shotgun Annie's. The kitchen opens daily at 11 a.m. And along with the food, there's always an effort to highlight local musicians. Shotgun Annie's is a featured stop on this year's Nebraska Tourism Passport Program. Burnett is hoping that will encourage more people who normally take the interstate, to take the highway instead, to Callaway.