Rosa Parks Way bridges open for winter

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- All lanes on the Rosa Parks Way bridges between South 3rd and South Folsom Streets are now open and will remain open through early spring.

The city siad to maintain safety, the construction zone speed limit of 35 mph remains in effect and enforceable until the expected project completion in May 2019.

Because the project is not yet completed, the area remains a potentially active construction site. Higher driving speeds could reduce the effectiveness of barriers and create hazards for drivers, especially if weather creates slick conditions. Crews may also visit the work zone to monitor conditions, adjust barriers or repair pavement.

The project includes the repair of pavement at the ends of both bridges that is degrading due to soil erosion. Work was completed on the westbound bridge before rain delays and winter weather forced a suspension of the project. The eastbound bridge will be repaired as soon as weather permits in 2019.

Public Works and Utilities appreciates the public’s patience and urges drivers to exercise caution on these bridges this winter. For more information on this project, visit (keyword: Rosa Parks) or contact Gaylon Masek, Public Works and Utilities, at 402-416-7486 or Current information on street closures is available at (keyword: closure) or through the Waze mobile app.