Safety study on South 68th Street

Published: Jul. 10, 2018 at 6:27 PM CDT
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A rollover crash on S. 68th Street left one woman dead Monday night.

This is the second deadly crash to happen in the last year on South 68th, near Norris Public Schools.

County Engineer Pam Dingman says they are currently conducting a safety study on that section of road. Dingman says it will allow her office to see what could help reduce accidents in the area.

Consultants are currently pulling crash reports from accidents on South 68th Street. The data is then put in a model to see what improvements on the road might have helped prevent an accident.

Dingman says a lot of areas need to be looked at when talking about improving road safety.

"There's all sorts of different things that can happen. Sometimes we have a higher incident of accidents at intersections. Sometimes we have a higher incident of accidents in the straight away. Sometimes there's higher animal accidents you know there are all sorts of different things that cause accidents in these corridors," said Dingman.

She adds that projects like adding shoulder lanes to South 68th street would mean looking at several factors.

"That really means we're widening that road top so we would have to buy more ground. We'd have to do more grating. We'd have to relocate drainage structures and move driveways on it and people always thing that's a really easy thing," said Dingman.

She hopes to have the study done in 4-6 weeks.