Safety tips for ice fishers

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Local fisherman are finding luck out on the ice today, but more importantly, they're following safety precautions.

Cody Fletcher of North Platte is a well informed fisher.
Fletcher shared his knowledge of ice safety while out on the ice this afternoon.

"If you can go with a buddy it's the best. Carry your safety ropes and anything you can to try to prevent falling through the ice or if you do to have a rescue. Let people know that you're going out if you are going out so they know where to look for you if something does happen," says Fletcher.

Julie Geiser is a Public Information Officer at the Nebraska Game and Parks. Geiser says that this year's ice has been unreliable because of the frequent weather changes.

"There's been maybe a window of a week wehere it was fairly decent to get out on the ice. But with these extreme fluctations between hot and cold it's just not made for good ice conditions all year," commented Geiser.

The reccommended depth to be on the ice is 4 or more inches.
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