Saluting Veterans at the Ramsey Family Fountain

TECUMSEH, Neb.- At a restaurant in Tecumseh, you'll find great food, and something even greater. You can find a wall filled with pictures of veterans.

"We started the pictures during a heritage days celebration here in Tecumseh," Beverly Ramsey of Tecumseh said. "We started collecting the military pictures just by advertising in the local paper. The first round I believe we received 350 photos."

Beverly Ramsey and her husband initially displayed the pictures at the courthouse for Memorial Day. "And then we had so many requests to take them elsewhere and to add more to it," Ramsey said. "We've continued to add to it, so now we have right around 775 photos now of military veterans alone.

The pictures are now displayed at the Ramsey Family Fountain. It's a business that Beverly and her husband bought 8 years ago in downtown Tecumseh across the street to the west of the courthouse.

"We have several veterans that come in here and eat on a regular basis, and their pictures are on the wall as well as their family members who have been in the military. We have Mr. Rother who was former superintendent of schools here, and he has two sons and a daughter in the military right now. And he served in the military himself," Ramsey said. "I have one grandson on the wall, he was a Marine and served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Howard Roe, he was in the Air Force. He was a paratrooper, and he's in here almost daily and for lunch, and his picture is on the wall."

C.J Lamb-Evans of Tecumseh also has several relatives displayed on this important wall as well. "My father was a World War II veteran, he was in the medical corps, a combat surgeon, and he spent 4 years in the Philippines. He's represented on the wall," Lamb-Evans said. C.J.'s brother is represented on the wall. He served two tours in Vietnam. And her three sons are represented. "My oldest is a retired Colonel in the Air Force, my middle child teaches for the Department of Defense, and my youngest is currently in Afghanistan. He's an apache pilot on his 5th or 6th tour," Lamb-Evans said.

The veterans wall at the Ramsey Family Fountain is something children learn from. "School children of different ages come in here each year and look at the pictures. They spend some time here, they talk about what these gentlemen went through a little bit," Ramsey said. Perhaps all of us can learn more about what these people went through with a visit to the Ramsey Family Fountain. At the very least, we can just gaze at the faces for a while, and remember their sacrifice and service.

If you'd like to visit the Ramsey Family Fountain, the restaurant is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. You might consider calling ahead if you want to see the wall of veterans. The number there is (402) 335-1235,