Santa's Helpers of Lincoln are asking for help

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- For many the holiday season is a time for hot chocolate, colorful lights, and spending time with family. But, for others it can mean anxiety and not knowing how they're going to provide gifts for their children.

Ray Craig created Santa's Helper's of Lincoln four years ago. He and his wife bought Christmas gifts for a family to give to their children.

"My wife and I neither one came from wealthy families and knew what it was like not to have a ton," he said.

But, this year he said there are 166 families asking for help and he currently only has the resources to help about 40 and is asking for help.

"[Volunteers] can either go shopping for the family, or they can give us money, give us gifts, go to our gofundme and then we'll get the gifts for that family," he said.

He said people can also drop off gifts at his work, Supreme Spa & Pool located near 48th St. and Highway 2.

Craig and his family sponsor a few families themselves and spend more than one thousand dollars out of their own pockets annually.

"Sometimes it's overwhelming but it feels good to know that we're helping people that need help and some of the stories that we get...some of them are heart wrenching," said Erica Craig, wife.

The Craig's said they finish their personal Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving because after that they're busy shopping for others.

Ray said he plans on finishing his shopping and wrapping this weekend so he can start delivering gifts on Monday.

"My wife my son and I will dress us Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, and an elf and deliver them to the families," said Ray.