Saving a Hometown Auditorium

The auditorium near downtown Superior is a landmark for many people. It's on the National Register of Historic Places, and thanks to the generosity of the community and the work of a non-profit group called Superior Historic Redevelopment Inc., the effort is underway to save it.

"We've probably got at present, 600-thousand dollars into the building that we've raised to restore it," Superior Historic Redevelopment Inc. President Steve Fox said. "We've put in a new roof and all of the guttering in. Also, all of the asbestos has been removed, which was some of the requirements at the time when we was buying it."

The auditorium now has a new meeting room, a rental space, a kitchen that is being planned, along with new bathrooms. Still, there is much work to do.

"Our goal is to use the building for little bit of everything," Fox said. "They used to have craft fairs here, they used to have city county banquets, auctions, boxing matches, and big bands that traveled through the country that stopped here." The non-profit group that is working on the auditorium is hoping to continue making improvements.