Saving a life when minutes can make a difference

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LINCOLN, (Neb.) Often times when someone sees an accident, they call 911 and do not help the victim, since they think they could make things worse. But a national campaign called "Stop the Bleed" says there are things you can do to save a person's life while they wait for professional help.

"Stop the Bleed" educates people on how to stop life-threatening bleeding. The campaign says severe bleeding can kill a person in a matter of minutes.

KFOR personality Dale Johnson was a part of a presentation on the subject at Bryan West Hospital on Friday. Johnson lost his leg in an accident almost a year ago. Paramedics say law enforcement controlled his bleeding by applying a tourniquet and saved his life.
"It's hard to even express how much that means to me every day. Every day I get up I'm thankful that I lost a leg and nothing more," Johnson said.

The campaign encourages everyone to help when they see someone injured by applying the ABC's of bleeding:

A: Alert - call 9-1-1.

B: Bleeding - find the bleeding injury.

C: Compress - apply pressure to stop the bleeding by: covering the wound with a clean cloth and putting pressure directly on it with both hands, using a tourniquet, or packing (stuffing) the sound with gauze or a clean cloth and then applying pressure with both hands.

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