Schoo Middle School teachers create video to stay in touch with students

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Lincoln Public School students are beginning virtual learning this week. Teachers at Schoo Middle School made a video for their students to let them know how much they miss them.

"It was really confusing when I saw the video," said 8th-grader Kegan Brhel. This is his last year at School "I thought it was really nice that they were thinking about us outside of school."

The video features teachers sharing encouraging messages, telling their students that the miss them and even pretending to act like their students. For Kegan Brhel and his family, he hasn't seen any of his teachers in weeks, until they sent him the video.

"They just kind of put it out there that they're missing the kids and it's equally hard on them," said Jennifer Brhel, Kegan's mom. "It just makes me feel good to know that they are supported outside of the school. It really shows how much the teachers love and care about these kids."

For Kegan, he enjoyed seeing his teachers do things to cheer him up. Said Kegan:

"Well, Daniel Witty he's pretty comical if I say so myself."

While the students and teachers may not see each other in person for a while, the teachers all have one, heartfelt message for their students: they are missed.